An Introduction to

Bike Shawnee!

Welcome to Bike Shawnee! 

Bike Shawnee is a new website created and provided by, Hiking with Shawn. Bike Shawnee was created to provide an all-in-one hub of cycling information for the Shawnee National Forest and southern Illinois region. This page was inspired after a user on Facebook said it was hard to find information about cycling in southern Illinois. So what did I, Hiking with Shawn, do? I registered and domain and fixed the problem – this website is dedicated to the cyclists of southern Illinois and is a free service powered by Hiking with Shawn.

What’s Cookin?

Look for potential upcoming features such as:

  1. Enhancements to the events page including the ability for local organizations to allow selling and event registration for no cost meaning the organizations get the full payment (aside from what PayPal will take) and Bike Shawnee gets $0. Bike Shawnee will focus on donations and advertising for revenue gain.
  2. More blog posts with tips and information all about cycling and guest bloggers.
  3. More events added as they happen.
  4. Page updates as new information is obtained.

Pay attention to this blog for more and we hope you enjoy this site!