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Please support the following local cycling organizations that were created to support you as a cyclist! These organization often get more cycling opportunities, promote advocacy, get laws made for cyclist rights and so much more! 

Ride Illinois: Ride Illinois supports the advocacy and rights of cyclists all across the state of Illinois. They help make huge changes that will help the state as a whole and they often bring more interest to cycling programs and grants. I encourage you to become a member.

Rails to Trails Conservancy: This is a national organization that promotes rail-trails all across the nation and they are even building one that stretches across the country called the Great American Rail Trail. Organizations like these support our local rail trail like Tunnel Hill State Trail.

Friends of the Tunnel Hill State Trail: A not-for-profit organization created for the sole purpose of support conservancy, education and tourism of the Tunnel Hill State Trail. This is a very new organization founded by myself (Shawn Gossman).


If you know of a road, gravel road, designated mountain bike trail or bike path that isn’t listed on our site, contact us and we will make an effort to get it listed soon!

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